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URGENT - My child does not want me to leave him with my ex for contact visits - any advice?

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pinkiep · 04/01/2008 10:38

My ex was arrested last year for the sexual assault of my 14 year old daughter and my sister - unfortunately it didn't go to court because of lack of evidence but police and social workers were convinced it was true. He's undergone a risk assessment regarding access to our son and has come out as "low risk" and has been told he can now have undersupervised visits with him but no contact with my daughter. Does anyone know the definition of low risk? Our 4 year old son has said on numerous occasions that he doesn't want to see his dad anymore but I've managed to get them together now but he is insisting that he wants me to stay with him. My ex is wanting his "unsupervised" visits and has mentioned getting a court order. Can a court force a child to see him without me if he doesn't want to? He has been having regular contact with me supervising the visits but I feel this would cause distress to our son if I left him with him alone.

OP posts:
Bessie123 · 04/01/2008 10:46

Gosh, what a terrible situation for you - it sounds v distressing for you and your son.

I would call a legal helpline for some advice. I think the children's legal centre is quite good

link here

They can give you free advice and help.

Good luck.

LOVEMYMUM · 05/01/2008 11:23

Has you son said why he doesn't want to see his father? I am worried in case your ex has been "interfering" with him. Sorry to be blunt. I would contact your solicitor immidiately.

pinkiep · 10/01/2008 13:24

No he hasn't harmed my son. He's fine to see him now, but he wants me to stay with him while they see each other so I can look after him - that's what he's said. He's frightened in case his dad gets angry which he has seen.

OP posts:
LOVEMYMUM · 10/01/2008 13:57

Your poor son.

Under the circumstances i can understand why he doesn't want to be left alone with you ex.

Again, i would contact your solictor to find out what the best thing to do is. Maybe time will help them to restablish their relationship.

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