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KittyLetteItSnow · 23/12/2007 23:56

Basically I spoke to a friend of the family who is an ameture photographer.

He agreed to do the wedding and we were chatting. I said I wanted him at the church and the night doo. He said he would come to my mums before to get 'getting ready' pics too.
I asked how much and he said £200.

Then my dad was going to do the photos then his camera broke - so we asked friend again, he agrees - my mum was talking to him this time and asks 'how much?' he says £200.

And we develope them ourselves...

now come saturday hes great ... but he doesnt turn up at the night.

Im totally confused and embarrese because i agreed to £200 inc the night.

But I dont know what to say!

Im worried he'll say 'oh i didnt kknow you wnated the night'

but when we talked months ago i vividly remember him asking where the night doo was going to be held, because he was sayinghow well he knew it and used to work there.

But im worried hes going to platy daft and insist £200 was for day only.

I feel like such an ass for not getting anything in contract nbut hes a friend so just trusted that it was understood.

OP posts:
madamez · 24/12/2007 00:03

Have you heard from him at all? Could it be possible that he didn't turn up on the night because he had some kind of domestic emergency or was taken ill? OK he should have contacted you if this was the case (but was it only yesterday?) - try to make your first word with him polite and non-aggressive and see what he says. Unfortunately if you have nothing in writing, unless you have at least someone else who heard you and him talking about the night do, trying to take legal action would be an expensive lot of trouble if he claims that he hadn't been booked for the night.
SOrry this has happened to you, and I hope that your friends/family took photographs at the night do and can give you copies anyway.

KittyLetteItSnow · 24/12/2007 10:34

He dropped the films off at my mums and as far as I know didn't mention not coming to the night but can't be 100% on that.

OP posts:
orangehead · 24/12/2007 10:44

So sorry to hear that kitty, hope someone else was able to take photos in the evening for you. I persume nothing was in writing so therefore I persume he couldnt have a leg to stand on demanding £200 because that wouldnt be in writing either

LIZS · 24/12/2007 10:47

Sounds like a misunderstanding, presumably you didn't get written confirmation when you arranged it the second time ? £200 doesn't seem expensive for church and beforehand. Your only option would be to threaten small calims, but is it really going to be worthwhile to pursue it?

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