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Can someone confirm this car accident explanation from the insurance company for me?

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Lauriefairycake · 13/12/2007 15:59

"asuming this to be a narrow lane incident, without witnesses, we consider the best solution to be 50/50 and we would appreciate confirmation that you would accept this please".

The first part of the letter is asking for a diagram and description which I will do (already explained it on the phone to them).

Does what they've said mean the following (before I accept it):

  1. Each party pays for their own damage (I have none)

2. I won't lose my excess (it's £300) or my no-claims as I'm not claiming for damage.

They do have one part wrong in the letter - there was a witness (my passenger)
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Freckle · 13/12/2007 16:07

I think they probably mean independent witnesses - your passenger would not be classed as independent.

I think you need to speak to the ins. co. to ensure that your no claims will not be affected.

THelesbellsRINGOUTFORCHRISTMAS · 13/12/2007 16:18

Otherwise known as 'Knock-for-Knock'
An agreement where each motor insurer pays for damage to its policyholder's car, regardless of which driver is to blame, providing the policy covers damage to the policyholder's own car.

If there was damage to your car then you would usually have to pay but as you have no damage, you're not claiming anything so you shouldn't pay excess or affect your no claims


Lauriefairycake · 13/12/2007 16:24

It very much helps you two - thanks !

I actually said the phrase 'knock for knock' to them on the phone two months ago when it happened but was worried that their letter meant something different (wild fantasy worries of paying excess, losing no-claims, paying for 50% of the other cars damage)

Thanks guys !

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