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OK. How should we go about finding a family solicitor?

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mummynumber2 · 12/12/2007 21:29

Looking for one in London. The only advice we've had so far is to go with personal recommendation. But have had no recommendations. Need one fast but don't want to go with a rubbish one. Where do we start?

OP posts:
flowerytaleofNewYork · 12/12/2007 21:32

Law Society 'find a solicitor' page?

mummynumber2 · 12/12/2007 21:37

Thanks, suppose that gives us a starting block but still not sure how to find out who is good and who isn't. Is there a way of finding this out?

OP posts:
flowerytaleofNewYork · 12/12/2007 21:45

Don't think there is really, other than personal recommendation I'm afraid. Maybe someone here will know of one local to you that's decent, other than that don't know what to suggest.

flowerytaleofNewYork · 12/12/2007 21:48

Found your other thread, we used these people Wimbledon office when we moved house, they were quite good and looking at their website they seem to have a decent family dept. They weren't overly expensive for conveyancing either.

Lilymaid · 12/12/2007 21:54

We "interviewed" several before we passed our first bit of conveyancing to a solicitor. We have used him for all our legal work and we are glad we made the effort to find someone whose advice we can respect. A friend of mine who is a solicitor said that he would only trust one or two firms in his town (population around 100,000) and of those firms, only certain partners. There are plenty of competent solicitors out there and also quite a lot who are slow and not thorough and whose advice is dubious.

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