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Claiming on my mobile phone insurance, but it sounds ridiculous, will they believe me??

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QuintessentialShadowOfSnowball · 11/12/2007 10:17

I had the most annoying incident last week.
I went to Ikea, parked in the car park, I had my phone in my coat pocket, and somehow, as I left the car my coat got trapped on the inside, I did not realize and slammed the car door shut over the coat, and smashed my mobile phone.... The blow was of course cushioned by the coat, but it is now bent. The screen looked like it was cracked on the inside, but no mark on the outside. It looks perfect, just bent. It started making funny noises so I turned it off. It wont turn on again.

I have got mobile phone insurance through my Barclay Card, however, I think that the above incident is going to make the claim handler burst out laughing.

It is not better by the fact that this is the third time in less than a year that my mobile needs replacing. (First time I have insurance though).

  1. My son threw my phone into a glass of oraange juice. TMobile kindly sent me a free replacement. (Top end phone, a samsung)

2. My phone was in my sports bag as I cycled home from salsa and the heavens opened up above us and we got soaked and the phone was zapped. (T Mobile kindly sent me a new free phone in exchange for committing myself to 18 months contract)

So, I dont have the receipt to send with the claim, only the delivery slip from T Mobile.

I doubt they will send me a third free phone in a year, so will claim on my insurance. Or will they just laugh at me???
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MotherFunk · 11/12/2007 10:26

Message withdrawn

QuintessentialShadowOfSnowball · 11/12/2007 10:40

You might be right about that! Thanks

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