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Recommend an accountant in london that can deal with freelances, childcare vouchers, ni, maternity allowance and all those girly subjects please. I'm surrounded by ones who talk of tax havens and hedge funds.

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oranges · 02/11/2007 07:50

I have an accountant who keeps talking about moving all fifty pounds of my assets off shore for a tax break and I just want advice on workking from home. I lost out massively when I had my first ds on finances and don't want to do the same. Anywhere in central London or the South East would be good. Please?

OP posts:
morethanmum · 02/11/2007 07:52

Does it have to be in London? I used to work in tax (until Feb) in Kent and can reccommend a couple of good ones in Maidstone or Bromley?

oranges · 02/11/2007 08:14

Bromley would work - I can get out there for a few meetings very easily, and then do the rest by post.

OP posts:
Eddas · 02/11/2007 08:26

I would say to go with someone out of london too because they are more likely to be cheaper We have a few Londoners on our books(we're in Kent) and also from Plymouth and other far off places. You may find that the accountant would come to you for meetings.

I don't really know of any though accept for mine!

ShrinkingViolet · 02/11/2007 08:40

I can get you recommendations in Croydon and Surrey if that helps

oranges · 02/11/2007 09:04

Thank you! Anywhere in the SOuth EASt would be fine - I do agree that London firms charge a fortune and deal with people with far more money than me!

OP posts:
ShrinkingViolet · 02/11/2007 09:13

if you email me on ShrinkingViolet1 at gmail dot com, I can give you some names - I'm presuming you're looking for a small(ish) firm rather than a big one?

oranges · 02/11/2007 09:22

have done! thanks.

OP posts:
morethanmum · 02/11/2007 12:15

Eddas - are you working in Maidstone? Just wondered if I've ever bumped into you...

foxinsocks · 02/11/2007 12:20

lol at tax havens and hedge funds!

I hope you find one but in the mean time, websites like direct gov (I've clicked to the page on maternity allowance) are good for up to date information on benefits, national insurance etc. all written in a very easy to understand format.

Eddas · 02/11/2007 14:42

morethanmum, I work in Cranbrook. Got to go back to it on 29th Nov after 9 months off, not sure how that's all gonna workI work for MFW, there's one in Maidstone, would be spooky if you worked there!

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