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Does anyone know what benefits are available if a SAHM separates from her husband?

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Olihan · 27/10/2007 23:09

A friend of mine is about to separate from her husband, she is staying in the family home, he is moving out into a flat. He is going to continue to pay the mortgage/bills etc for the time being but she obviously won't have any income of her own. I think he is being very reasonable about finances etc but she doesn't want to be dependent on him for money. Her dcs are 4, 3 and 11mo so she's got them all at home most of the time.

she doesn't really know what she can do so I said I'd ask you lot as someone is bound to know.

OP posts:
expatinscotland · 30/10/2007 22:30

'Would be possible for him to pay more with a private agreement but this would have to be very private . '

Please don't suggest this at all.

It's benefits fraud. It's illegal for a reason.

It also leads to further criticism and pillorying of lone parents on benefits as lying people there to take advantage of the system.

twinsetandpearls · 30/10/2007 22:32

I was about to say the same as expat.

Be very careful, I know of a case when this was done and when they had a major bust up the man paying the ex money grassed up his ex wife for benefit fraud. My ex tried to do the same with me but I had the good sense to declare everything.

Skribble · 30/10/2007 22:37

I suppose that is true, I just think if a dad actually wants to give his kids extra money to help with school trips or activities you shouldn't have benefits cut when he is already paying the recomended amount through CSA, bloody frustrating all this.

I am going to be claiming tax credits so they don't count maintenance but we will be agreeing a set amount but we have agreed he will help out with extras for kids like trips or clothes for activities. He agrees with me that it is vital they continue with the hobbies they do at present.

Olihan · 30/10/2007 22:38

My feeling was that it would be better for it all to be done officially, just in case he decides to stop playing Mr GuiltRiddenNiceGuy at some point in the future. At least she has a good reason to insist on the CSA.

TSAP @ the situation you were in, I can't imagine how awful that must have been.

OP posts:
twinsetandpearls · 30/10/2007 23:35

Get him to buy stuff or pay directly for activities rather than give money.

MeMySonAndI · 31/10/2007 09:17

Thanks for that Scribble.

Skribble · 01/11/2007 19:10

Thats a better idea twinsetandpearls, then no come back if he decides to cause problems.

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