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Wrong amount if £ taken by direct debit... how do i get it back?

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nannyL · 27/10/2007 09:37

When my nannyinsurcane renewal came through they said it could be paid every 3 months by direct debit (£15 3 imes a year rather than £60 once)
so i filled in the form provided...

they sent me a letter which said (badly worded) that in October they would take £60

so i called them and said sorry the letter was badly worded, but it didnt mean that, and meant the direcr debit would start in October.... ... she also said the letter had been redrafted as lots of people had phoned confused, but was adament that it was £15 every 3 months...

She took my name (and i took hers and time of call etc) and said it was written on my file that i had called and confirmed that it was £15 eevry 3 months

Anyway they have taken £60.... how do i get it back?
Do i just go to the bank and say what i ahve said here?
Im sure direct debtis have a garantee dont they that if its wrong they refund immediatly?

Help please!


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LIZS · 27/10/2007 09:59

Think you have to contact whoever took it to credit you back. A dd is a carte blanche for them to deduct however much is owed , so Bank can't enforce a fixed amount unlike a Standing Order.

nannyL · 27/10/2007 16:36

Well i went to the bank and the bak have refunded it without any probs.... I even got a hot chocolate thrown in for free

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