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Endowment complaints to the FSA; how long does it take for a decision?

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petunia · 26/09/2007 11:48

We first complained to the FSA about our missold endowment policies just over 2 years ago. We had an adjudication made, 2 years ago in October, but decided to appeal. Our complaint is now supposed to be being reviewed, and the Review Team is supposed to be gathering all the information from the original adjudicator before making a final decision.
Has anyone else had to wait this long for the process to be completed? We keep getting letters saying that they're snowed under with complaints that need reviewing, but at the back of my mind, I'm wondering whether they've lost some of the information that we sent them, and just hoping that we'll lose interest or something!
Thanks for any help given.

OP posts:
seb1 · 26/09/2007 20:06

Ours took 3 years.

petunia · 26/09/2007 20:39

Good grief, even longer than ours!

OP posts:
LittleMinx · 26/09/2007 20:49

ours took well over 2yrs......... in fact we completely forgot about it as never heard back......... then about 2.5yrs later we got a lovely fat cheque in the post out of the blue

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