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If someone falls off my roof can I be sued?

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RosemaryWoodhouse · 01/09/2007 18:07

My sweetheart has hired a dodgy looking builder to do some tiling on our roof. They said they were going to put up scaffolding but they haven't done. I'm pretty sure this violates health and safety and I am worried that if one of them falls we can be sued. Who is liable - them for not doing it properly or us for not ensuring it is done properly? I don't like how they look at me either.

OP posts:
NAB3 · 01/09/2007 18:08

Get rid.

They aren't taking precautions and they make you feel uncomfortable.

I worked for osmeone who lost their BIL when he fell off a ladder doing some work on his own house.

3sEnough · 01/09/2007 18:11

Hi - the person who fell off the roof can sue their boss for not training them properly, not having safe systems of work/risk assessments for doing the job. You can't be sued as you don't owe the fallee a duty of care (as a member of the public and not a firm) However, if you feel bad, I would have a word with the builder - it's up to you if you go ahead with the job. p.s. Alternatively, you can always report them to the Health and Safety executive!

MyTwopenceworth · 01/09/2007 18:13

Go on, I'll do it.

How do they look at you?

JeremyVile · 01/09/2007 18:13

Yay! you're back....... you freak!

(when they look ayt you do their eyes glow red?)

lucyellensmum · 01/09/2007 18:16

The builder should have public liability insurance, this too should cover his employee, if he falls off the roof, surely it is his own fault for not securing it properly. I am pretty sure that working above a certain level not just in a fixed spot, say sticking a sign on the wall, absolutely requires a scaffold. If you dont like the builders, sack them and get someone who knows what they are doing to do the job. It is not always the best option to go for the cheapest quote. My DP is a builder and i get really cross when i hear about all those dodgy gits out there as it gives hard working genuine builders like my DP a bad name. Personally i would ask to see his insurance details, if he cant produce, sack him.

lucyellensmum · 01/09/2007 18:17

yeah, just HOW do they look at you?? like they are undressing you with thier (red glowing) eyes? or like they wouldnt undress you with a pair of tongs?

RosemaryWoodhouse · 01/09/2007 18:19

Like how those builders look at Susan George in Straw Dogs.

OP posts:
lucyellensmum · 01/09/2007 18:26

you see, that doesnt really help, ive not seen the film, so is it with eyes or tongs, this is important, it would influence your next decision

JeremyVile · 01/09/2007 18:41

Do you happen to be harbouring a local misfit?

lucyellensmum · 02/09/2007 08:22


RosemaryWoodhouse · 02/09/2007 17:46

We are the local misfits - we have degrees and own expensive clothes!

OP posts:
lucyellensmum · 02/09/2007 19:51

rosemary, how do you know you are the only ones in your area with degrees? The clothes don't always follow you know. I mean, to some, its not that important, or they may not be able to afford it, yes, even with degrees. I have a PhD, but you might look down on me as a social reject, because not only do i not own any expensive clothes, most of my clothes and some of DDs come from, dare i say it, the charity shop and my DP is a builder, although decidedly undodgy.

lulumama · 02/09/2007 19:52

ye gods

rosemary - surely after the excorcism thread, you can do better than this?

lulumama · 02/09/2007 19:54

for someone with a degree, you are spectacularly closed minded, but then you are really a troll. IMO of course

lucyellensmum · 02/09/2007 21:26

lulumama, perhaps, this time, she is serious - i mean, how would you like it if you had a hairy arsed builder threatening to jump off your roof and sue you for his troubles

lucyellensmum · 02/09/2007 21:27

lulumama, perhaps, this time, she is serious - i mean, how would you like it if you had a hairy arsed builder threatening to jump off your roof and sue you for his troubles

RosemaryWoodhouse · 03/09/2007 08:54

With all due respect I can tell the difference between a chav and a phd leading a faux bohemian lifestyle.

Anyway, I've typed out a contract for the builder to sign which says he won't sue us if he has an accident.

OP posts:
gess · 03/09/2007 09:01

Aren't you back at school yet rosemary?

lucyellensmum · 03/09/2007 09:45

ah, so my obvious intelligence and wit was shining through then. Faux bohemian??? I wish - i'm just piss poor - lol. Besides, that would mean i would have to wear floaty dresses and i simply dont have the figure for it my love.

Good idea about the contract, not sure it would hold in a court of law though, but then im really not sure so i'll leave that to someone who knows though. I would definately check out the builders public liability insurance, you don't want him dropping a hammer through the window of your 4x4 and not have the money to pay for the damages ;)

I do hope you are taking my comments in good humour, as that is how they are intended.

LittleBella · 03/09/2007 09:51

Why is being educated but poor faux bohemian?

lucyellensmum · 03/09/2007 09:59

i wasn't aware it was i think it is only if you wear long floaty dresses and are into joss sticks

RosemaryWoodhouse · 03/09/2007 10:09

I ditched the disclaimer since I figured it wouldn't protect us from a manslaughter charge if one of them broke their neck. I bluffed and said I was going to 'check out the law' with health and safety so they've had a change of heart and gone to get scaffolding . My sweetheart is at uni today so I hope they don't realize I'm in the house alone.

OP posts:
lucyellensmum · 03/09/2007 10:29

oooh i dont know rosemary, you could have them doing all those little jobs your hubby doesnt do quite right ;)

RosemaryWoodhouse · 03/09/2007 11:14

Yes, we all know that intellectual men can't shag for toffee.

OP posts:
LittleBella · 03/09/2007 12:39

Blimey I must be so naieve, I thought she was talking about putting up shelves

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