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NCT Sales. Anyone sold at them? What should I keep back for ebaying?

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Flibbertyjibbet · 31/08/2007 18:03

I have decided to send some stuff to an nct sale near me in October (OK I like to plan ahead).
I got a sellers info pack in May but we were on hols the weekend of the sale. When I read all the information last night the suggested prices are quite low. Now I am happy to put lots of stuff in for their recommended price ranges just to get rid and get some pennies, but I thought there might be some things that I'd get more for if I ebayed.
If anyone has sold at an NCT sale I'd be interested to hear what things sell, and what things you ended up picking up unsold at the end.
I'm only going to drop off, I haven't the stamina for actually buying as I hear they are a bit of a stampede!

OP posts:
littlerach · 31/08/2007 18:08

IME, clothes need to be dirt cheap. I volunteered at our last one and even nicer stuff like Monsoon and Boden didn't sell if they ewre mor ethen about £4.
Toys usually sell well, and stair gates. And maternity wear.

SKYTVADDICT · 31/08/2007 18:11

I've helped and organised sales and think the recommended price is approx. 1/3 original price if that helps.

As littlerach says £4 is usually top price for a whole designer outfit!

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