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Child tax credit while on maternity leave

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devonsmummy · 22/08/2007 15:05

does anyone know if you can say you are not working whilst on additional maternity leave and not receiving any salary?? I asked the helpline if it made a difference if I resigned or was on unpaid maternity leave and they just said phone back if you resign - very helpful!!

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devonsmummy · 22/08/2007 15:16


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totaleclipse · 22/08/2007 15:21

They do not take smp into account at all, just let them know and they will adjust your pay accordingly.

totaleclipse · 22/08/2007 15:22

Not very clear sorry, in other words, you will be classed as not earning anything.

Champagneforlunch · 22/08/2007 21:03

If you resign you are no longer classed as working, if you are on paid materinty leave i.e. smp then you are classed as working although unpaid is not classed as working.
So you don't need to tell them anything if you are on materinty leave until you stop getting smp but if you resign they need to know thats why they'll have told you to phone back then.

fizzbuzz · 22/08/2007 21:42

I have just been through this with them afetr a years mat leave.

They don't count first £100 per week of any smp.

Any extended mat leave,after smp finishes doesn't count for wftc. However if you are on mat leave, your salary will drop. At the next tax year, your credits will be reajusted to allow for drop in income.

We went from basic allowance to a huge amount after my maternity leave. Haven,t a clue about resignation, but it is based on yearly income

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