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Do I have the right to read court records for when my dad sexually abused me?

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YesIAmANameChanger · 10/08/2007 09:20

I am a name changer not because I am ashamed of this but because it is private and I don't want people in RL to know I am thinking of this yet.

My dad sexually abused me and it all came to light when I was 12. The case went to court a year later (about 1988) and I gave evidence against him. He was found guilty and went to prison for 2 years - I have only seen him in the street once or twice since this and have no wish to make contact with him.

I have often wondered what defence or justification he gave (he pleaded not guilty). It is a difficult issue because around this time he also became seriously mentally ill. I wonder whether the illness might have caused the abuse or whether he was just a pervert generally (he also abused several family members).

So I was wondering whether court records from the time would still exist, and if so do I have the right to read them? I feel I could handle this quite well because I have had counselling and I am 'over' the abuse as much as anyone can be.

If anyone knows the answer to this I'd be really grateful, thanks.

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YesIAmANameChanger · 10/08/2007 15:00

Anyone? I know it's a long shot...any ideas of who else to ask? Thanks.

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rolledhedgehog · 10/08/2007 16:20

I think this leaflet might help you.

YesIAmANameChanger · 10/08/2007 20:20

That is so helpful, thank you very much. It seems I might be able to access records if I contact the court.

Thanks again.

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