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Injunction papers

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Onedaysoon · 31/07/2007 10:46

Hi, any legal experts about who can tell me what the process is for having injunction papers served? Last night I had them served on H, who still lives at home and is making life hell for me and the kids. So the bloke turns up, and I know him already slightly from where my office used to be. H invites him in, turns on the charm, and then...whilst me and the kids are in the next room...sits there for 20 minutes with H, discussing all the points in the injunction papers (some of them were fairly personal), listening to H going on and on about what a liar I am and how I had made it all up (I'm not and I haven't), telling him 'oh you'll be ok, the council will have to find you a place and you won't have to leave til then', talking about how long it'd be before it was all finished etc. I was mortified! It made a dreadful situation much much worse. Surely he should have just served the papers and left? Unfortunately my solicitor is in court all morning, but I will be calling him later about this. Any experience?

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lulumama · 31/07/2007 14:24

that sounds wrong ! i thought that the papers are served, and the person doing the serving leaves immediatly, as soon as the person takes the papers, they are deemed to be served, so a discussion is not really needed? talk to your solicitor as soon as you can

Onedaysoon · 31/07/2007 18:31


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Onedaysoon · 01/08/2007 09:44

bumping again as I am seeing my solicitor tomorrow and want to know if this is correct or not? Thanks

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