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Barclays debit cards

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nutcracker · 27/07/2007 16:52

I am with Barclays, and I used to have a visa debit card (not sure if it was called connect then), but as I got into a mess with my overdraft and barclay loan, I had to have a resolve loan and this meant I could only have a Visa Electron card.

Anyway, my Electron card runs out next month and so Barclays today sent my new card, but it's a connect card, which if I am correct, is a normal debit card that can be used anywhere yes ??

I think they may have done it as my account has been well run over the past year or so, i don't have an overdraft so haven't incurred any charges or anything, and so I think they may have upgraded my card. I have a feeling the resolve loan that I had, is a completely seperate dept and might not be related to barclays at all.

Anyway, what I am saying is, should I tell them that I am only meant to have an Electron card ?? Having the connect one would make things alot easier for me as I could use it everywhere.

Oh AND, in the letter that came with it, it doesn't say anything about them sending me a new PIN, do I just use my old PIN ??

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FioFio · 27/07/2007 16:53

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

nutcracker · 27/07/2007 16:58

Neither would I if I had a choice Fio.

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lou33 · 27/07/2007 17:00

i dont understand nutty, a debit card will only let you take out what is in your account, isnt electron and connect basically the same?

but yes use the old pin

i was swapped to barclays from the woolwich recently

LIZS · 27/07/2007 17:04

unless it is a Switch or Maestro won't it do just the same as before ?

nutcracker · 27/07/2007 17:05

Only certain places will take Visa Electron Lou, it used to be only a handful of places, but now there are more.

Visa Connect is apparently accepted anywhere you see the Visa sign, whereas with the Electron it had to say Visa Electron else it wasn't accepted.

Have just checked the web site and from what I can see they have just upgraded my card, account is still the same which is fine. Didn't want them to give me an overdraft and they haven't which is good.

So I don't need a new PIN Lou ? Even though the card has different number on ?

OP posts:
LIZS · 27/07/2007 17:07

ah if number different they will send new pin separately.

nutcracker · 27/07/2007 17:07

Ahh right ok, wasn't sure, as it doesn't say they are sending one at all.

OP posts:
lou33 · 27/07/2007 17:37

my account number was changed but the pin remained the same

i used to have an electron card now i have a connect, they are both debit cards, just one is more widely accepted

nutcracker · 27/07/2007 17:38

Ahh right.

My account number hasn't changed, just the long card number across the middle.

Oh well, will try card and see what happens.

OP posts:
brimfull · 27/07/2007 17:50

spookily the same thing has happened to my dd
SHe lost her wallet on the bus on tuesday ,declared her electron card stolen to barclays the same day and today she received a connect card as a replacement.

Actually I am rather peeved as she's only 15 ,so the electron card was more suitable to prevent any overspending iyswim.

So my Q is ,will she beable to withdraw more cash than she has in her account,if so I won't be telling dd this fact.

lou33 · 27/07/2007 18:10

debit cards only let you take out what you have in your account, afaik

nutcracker · 27/07/2007 18:23

As far as I know you can only withdraw what is in there, unless you have an overdraft.

Having said that, years ago I was able to withdraw more money than I had, but was charged bucket loads as it wasn't an agreed overdraft, so will not be trying that again.

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