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Please advise.

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totaleclipse · 18/07/2007 12:45

DH has been off work for a week due to an injury on his finger, he has now been signed off for another 2 weeks, what can we do money wise......benefits ect, he had only been in his job for 1 week when the injury happened so will only recieve SSP.

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suezee · 18/07/2007 12:48

the only thing he can do is get a sick note from the docs and claim ssp, i take it hes not entitled to any holiday pay then ??????????

totaleclipse · 18/07/2007 12:50

No, no holiday pay, am currently trying to fill in a Housing benefit form, my god they need so much info, and I dont have proof for most of it.

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ruddynorah · 18/07/2007 12:52

how bad is the injury? is there anything else he could do for his employer so he's still earning?

suezee · 18/07/2007 12:53

the best thing you can do is ring the cab up go onto their website and get their local number for ur area they will advise you on what you can do

totaleclipse · 18/07/2007 12:58

Well he has 2 jobs, one he only started 2 weeks ago, for a specialist paving company, I doubt they will pay him to be the tea boy and his other job is driving a taxi, his finger is srapped up so he cant drive, even if he could he wont be insured because he issigned off sick. A large piece of rotten wood went through the joint on his finger, he left it a week and it got very badly infected, he ended up needing an operation and being put on a drip of antibiotics.

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