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cohabiting is she liable for his debt

3 replies

madabout · 09/07/2007 14:32

OH moved in with girlfriend.
It is highly likely that he will go bankrupt (after we divorce) - will she be liable for any of his debt or will I!

OP posts:
NannyL · 09/07/2007 15:21

presumably fi you are divorced before he goes bankrupt his debt id nolonger your problem? ... surely?

Cammelia · 09/07/2007 15:22


mytwopenceworth · 09/07/2007 15:44

joint debts - joint problem.
debts in his name - his problem.
Marital assets would surely be taken into consideration in bankruptcy? But I assume by then you'll have split any assets.
Talk to a solicitor.

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