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Can anyone help with my parents problem?

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SquirdleAKACandDsmummy · 07/07/2007 20:27

My dad had a massive heart attack 2 months ago and as a result cannot work at the moment.
Mum works part time.

The problem at the moment is that the benefits agency/housing benefit/Social Services don't seem to be helping mum sort out various things.

Mum knows that housing benefit has been worked out wrong but they now refuse to start at the beginning and work it out again. (Mum is nearly at the end of an OU maths degree btw) Thats one problem.

She really needs to work full time as the money they are getting now simply isn't enough, but she feels dad isn't well enough to be left all day. He is an insulin dependant diabetic, has short term memory loss as a result of the heart attack and obviously still has a very weak heart. Now i don't feel he needs a full time carer but he does need to have his medication and meals on time, but SS don't seem to want to help. She has spent the last 6 or 7 weeks trying to sort things out without much success. This means she is becoming very upset and stressed (which isn't good for her or my dad)

Does anyone know what help they are entitled to and if there would possibly be anyone who could act as spokesperson for her and make them help...local MP (do they do this?) The whole situation is getting beyond ridiculous! I am 2 hrs away and do what I can, but thats not a lot!

I'm also wondering if she should contact a solicitor to help and if she did would she recieve legal aid?

OP posts:
BetsyBoop · 07/07/2007 20:58

in terms of DWP has she tried the Benefit Enquiry Line - they offer confidential advice and information for people with disabilities, and their carers and representatives, about social security benefits and how to claim them.

freephone: 0800 88 22 00

CAB should also be able to help her

this site gives details of the benefits etc she may be entitled to

this also has a lot of useful info

JoMa · 07/07/2007 21:01

you could see if Crossroads operate in her area, they run a service to help carers

SquirdleAKACandDsmummy · 07/07/2007 21:13

Thanks ladies, will look at those. The trouble is that because mum works part time, she can't claim income support etc. She will recieve HB but they have worked it out wrong.

Can she employ a carer and claim Carers allowance? Does the carer claim themselves?

OP posts:
cat64 · 07/07/2007 21:18

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

SquirdleAKACandDsmummy · 07/07/2007 22:02

But their circumstances now mean she will need to work full time, so can she still claim a carers allowance. It's a catch 22 situation for them. Dad needs care ish, can work, so mum needs to work, but needs to provide care for dad.

OP posts:
BetsyBoop · 08/07/2007 10:35

I'm out of touch with current benenfit rules - but the Benefit Enquiry Line will help them determine exactly what they are entitled to - for example your Dad should probably get incapacity benefit if he can't work.

Tiggiwinkle · 08/07/2007 10:45

In order for your Mum to qualify for Carers Allowance, your Dad will need to apply for Disability Living Allowance. He can do this once he has been in need of care for 6 months, so would not be eligible as yet. Once he can claim, it is his eligibility for DLA that qualifies your Mum for Carers-one must come before the other, IYSWIM. There is an earnings ceiling above which you cannot claim Carers, so if she is working full time she may well not qualify.
Has she requested an assessment from social services? Your dad is entitled to one, as is your mum as his carer.
You may have a branch of the "Carers" organisation in your area. They will help with benefits advice and act as advocates with social services. Have a look at their website to find your local branch. HTH.

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