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quick question about standing orders??

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My3Girls · 02/07/2007 08:27

My DD3 dad is supposed to of set up a standing order for maintaince to leave his bank on the 2nd of every month, but I have just looked now and the payment isn't in my bank. When he asked the bank to make the money leave his account on the second does that mean it should have gone out today to be in my account now or does it mean it should leave his account tonight ??

OP posts:
chopster · 02/07/2007 08:30

I thought they still take 3 days to clear like any other bank transfer.

My3Girls · 02/07/2007 08:35

See this is it, I haven't got a clue about these payments. I hope that is the case. So don't want to go down the CSA route I hate them with a passion!!!

OP posts:
chopster · 02/07/2007 08:37

this from the natwest website -

Automated credits received by you, e.g. a monthly salary credit, or standing order payment, will normally take two working weekdays to reach your account, after the remitter has sent the payment.

so don't panic yet.

AttilaTheMum · 02/07/2007 08:38

My teenage DCs allowances leave our account on the first of the month, but always take at least until the 3rd to get to their accounts & it has been as late as the 6th. (ie the bank is getting the interest in the meantime) There is still a time lag despite the fact that electronic transfers could be instant.

SleeplessInTheStaceym11House · 02/07/2007 08:53

i have standing orders set up (halifax to halifax) and they get there same day...dont know about other banks or from one bank to another!

BetsyBoop · 02/07/2007 14:52

You need to allow at least 3 working days if the transfer is between banks. Sometimes it will get there quicker, but not often....

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