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Ok another bank charges thread, please help me decide what to do

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SillyBillyBee · 27/06/2007 10:08

I claimed back charges from Halifax and HSBC. Halifax have replied saying they will not refund, and i need to send off a letter threatening court action if i take it further but cannot afford any fees for court atm so I don't know whether to send a letter saying that if they do want to avoid court to make me an offer or whether i should just leave it.
HSBC have finally responded with an offer but it is £130 less than my claim, I am desperate for money, a single mum and jobless in 4 wks with a mortgage to pay, should i take the offer, phone them and say I will settle if they increase the offer or just take the offer.
What would you do or what should I do if i'm taking it further?

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Lolly68 · 27/06/2007 16:35

Would continue with the Halifax - they are just trying to bully you and accept HSBC. How much was your original claim for?

SillyBillyBee · 27/06/2007 18:56

Thanks for replying, my HSBC claim is for £860 and my Halifax one for around £350.
Has anyone phoned after they've been given an offer and said that you would accept if they increased it slightly i am thinking of trying to ring tomorrow and ask for £800. If it didn't work I'd just accept I think as I cannot afford to live otherwise.

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chocolatekimmy · 27/06/2007 20:29

Goldfish offered me £36 when it was £80 I requested. I turned them down and said I wanted the full amount or I would go to court. Took more than the 14 days I gave them but they sent me a letter last week saying as a gesture of goodwill they will pay the full £80 so long as I withdraw any court proceedings I have lodged.

Stick to your guns but be prepared to wait for a while - think how worth it it will be. Then if you get some money you can use £30 to lodge a claim for the other amount.

patience is the key in all this, I started out in March and just had the Goldfish agreement and put a court claim for TSB and only just received statements from Nat West.

ronshar · 27/06/2007 20:34

I went to the financial obudsman. IT IS FREE. They sorted it all out for me with Abbey and I am now waiting for my cheque for the full amount.
Get in touch with them, they send you a form, you send it back. Done, as Gordon would say. Hope that helps.

SillyBillyBee · 27/06/2007 21:11

Thank you very much for that ronshar, I'll get onto them tomorrow about halifax, and I'll also phone hsbc asking for £800 with no further action or i contact the ombudsman.
Thank you too chocolatekimmy for giving me some hope.
I'm glad it worked out for you both

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