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Can you phone ORANGE without paying for an 0870 number?

5 replies

Katymac · 22/06/2007 17:18

Cos I'm stingy and I get 01/02 numbers for free??

OP posts:
policywonk · 22/06/2007 17:24

There's a website called 'no to 0870' or something like that, which lists all the direct numbers that they have to have for overseas customers. I'll see whether I can find it...

SlightlyMadSugar · 22/06/2007 17:25
of maybe .com

policywonk · 22/06/2007 17:26

try this

Bibis · 22/06/2007 17:26


Katymac · 22/06/2007 17:45

Thank you all

Much appreciated

OP posts:
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