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Help! Scottish small claims - don't know her new address

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hotchocscot · 21/06/2007 02:51

hope someone can help! our ex landlady kept our deposit, for no good reason. She has now sold the flat we were renting and her own flat, moved and we don't know where. Want to take her to small claims court, but how can i find out her new address? only have a mobile number which she refuses to answer. oh, and i know her car registration. If anyone can help that would be great!!! am very stressed, we need that cash back!

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tatt · 21/06/2007 09:36

talk to the court. It's possibe that vehicle licensing will provide one but I don't think that's very likely. She may have put a redirection in place for mail and the court may accept you writing to her old address. However to enforce any decision you'd need to know where she lives now. Have you asked the current owners of the flats if they know/ what solicitor she used?

hotchocscot · 22/06/2007 10:11

Hi she sold the flats to a friend of hers I believe so i doubt they would be willing to pass on the details. We live in a fairly small town and there are about 4 main estate agents/solicitors who deal with all the houses here, so its a good bet one of them did her sales. Would they pass on her address to me tho,? would that be a breach of confidentiality or something? or have I been watching too many american cop shows?

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hotchocscot · 04/07/2007 20:59


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lulumama · 04/07/2007 21:00

You could approach the DVLA, they might disclose her address

or send letter care of her last known address

BetsyBoop · 04/07/2007 21:10

electoral role ?

directory enquiries?

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