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CTC, extra payment, confused...

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sparklygothkat · 20/06/2007 00:37

it doesn't take a lot atm, but I am confused. I phoned the helpline last week and gave my last year details etc, and today they have paid in the normal amount with £10 extra on the amount, but an extra payment of £75 as well. If they have been underpaying me since april then it should be 10x£10 surely??

OP posts:
wrinklytum · 20/06/2007 00:41

No help but do not get me started on CTC.Feckers don't know arse from elbow am sick of ringing them.They overpaid us quite large sum and are desperately trying to pay back.

Love your mn name BTW.Always makes me think of Robert Smith wearing sparkly eyeshadow and singing "Lovecats"

sparklygothkat · 20/06/2007 00:43

thanks WT

I have never had a problem with CTC, except once when they overpaid me by £400 and I had to pay it back at £40 a week, then they said that I still owed £200, I argued with them and it was a computer error

OP posts:
miniandme · 20/06/2007 09:07

ok this sounds like you have supplied your details and the amount you are due for this year is an extra £10.The extra payment will probably be dribs and drabs of underpayment from your last years award.
I always get an extra payment when i supply my renewal form even though im on IS and the details stay the same .

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