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Help, help, help! Anyone out there who can advise me on my consumer rights over a complete c*ck up?

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Littlefish · 13/06/2007 19:02

Ok, here's why I need your help.

Last week I went to a very expensive tile shop and saw some bathroom floor tiles which I really loved.

2 days later I went back with dh and he loved them too. We asked for a sample tile so we could try and match some wall tiles. They gave us a printed quote for the tiles which was £450.00 (a huge amount for us, but we really loved the tiles).

2 days later I phoned up and ordered the tiles, giving the details from the quote. The woman on the phone told me that she'd found my quote on the system and confirmed the details.

Anyway - this is where the disaster happens.

Dh picked up the tiles and checked the details from the quote with the details on the delivery note to make sure they matched.

The builders laid the tiles today while we were out. When we got back - horror of horrors, they are the wrong ones. They are the right style, but the wrong colour.

Where do we stand. Can we demand that they replace them without charge? How far are we at fault for not actually opening a box to check the colour.

The fact that the person who gave us the quote is the same person who gave us the sample shows that he knew which tiles we wanted.

Just to add to the fun, the plumber is booked for tomorrow to put in the shower and loo and is then away for 2 weeks.

Help me please!!!!

OP posts:
tissy · 13/06/2007 19:15

don't know for sure, but if your receipt had the correct details, and this matched the delivery note, then the cock-up presumably happened either at the factory (was there a label on the box?)or in the shop. Still think they will say that you should have checked though... Did your receipt have any "small print" on it?

Littlefish · 13/06/2007 19:20

We can only assume that the mistake was made in the shop, as they typed in the details of the tiles. The delivery note matched the quote, so I don't think it's the warehouse's fault.

I'll have a look on the quote and delivery note for any small print.

Am now feeling sick at the thought of spending all that money on something I don't like.

OP posts:
NannyL · 13/06/2007 19:23

have you actually caled the shop yet?

thats probably the ebst thing to do first.

good luck... sounds like a tricky one..

would you be prepraed to compromise on complete (or substantial) refund... to keep the tiles you didnt order?

Presumable if they are not the tiles you ordered you may have been over charged for them?

Littlefish · 13/06/2007 19:28

Only found out at 6.00pm and the shop had already closed.

We haven't been overcharged, because they are the same tile, but just a different colour.

I suppose we might have to compromise - partly because if we don't, it means waiting another 2 weeks for the plumber to finish the room. We've had builders in for 2 months now, and we're in the final 2 weeks. I just wanted to have everything finished.

OP posts:
Littlefish · 13/06/2007 22:19

Any more ideas anyone?

OP posts:
pinkteddy · 13/06/2007 22:39

Try consumer direct - funded by DTI. It provides clear, practical advice to help sort out problems and disagreements with suppliers of goods or services. I've used them before and found them really helpful. Telephone number 08454 04 05 06. Website:

themildmanneredjanitor · 13/06/2007 22:41

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

tigi · 13/06/2007 23:04

Consumer direct were brilliant giving me help over a faulty mobile phone. When they ran to the end of their path with it, it was passed to trading standards - and they were utterley completely useless!

Ladymuck · 13/06/2007 23:23

Presumably when you say that the builders have laid the tiles they are not reusable? I think that the fact that you have laid the tiles measn that you've accepted the delivery. The fact that the builders didn't know what colour the tiles were meant to be isn't the fault of the company. Do you have legal cover on your house insurance?

Littlefish · 14/06/2007 07:22

The tiles we wanted were a sort of off white and the tiles we've ended up with are a sort of honey beige.

Sounds like we might be a bit screwed doesn't it! We'll go and see the tile shop this morning and see whether they will agree to a partial refund due to their initial mistake and then we'll just have to live with it!

Thanks for your advice ladies. I'll check out consumer direct too.

OP posts:
Littlefish · 14/06/2007 11:13

Update for anyone who's interested.

I spoke to consumer direct this morning who were really helpful, and helped me to clarify our rights.

Then, dh went to talk to the tile shop who were lovely, and very apologetic. They have re-funded us half the cost of the tiles.

The tiles have now been grouted and look better, so I think that a good conclusion has been reached.

Thanks for your help.

OP posts:
NannyL · 14/06/2007 18:57

glad it has worked out ok in the end!

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