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Website.....So go on..someone tell me how much its worth...?

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shhhh · 04/06/2007 23:17

Around 3 years ago I purchased a website domain name for a company I wanted to set up. BUT shortly after I fell pregnant with dd and then a year later with basically all my intentions went out of the window. I kept the name going as I fully intended to start up by own website and business.............

Now then, someone from the USA has emailed me via my website asking to buy the domain name. I have looked into her current website and tbh it looks like my website/domain name would be much more suited to her company. She has asked for a price to buy and I have asked her to make me an offer....

DH is an IT consultant so he kind of knows his stuff..........He reckons it depends on what shes prepared to pay and how much she wants it iykwim....

What do you think its worth..?? BTW looking at her site she is quite professional and has featured in US magazine etc...Hmmmm....

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whomovedmychocolate · 05/06/2007 13:29

What is the name?

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