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Running a stall at a country fair - what does a Risk Assessment involve?

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bobsmum · 21/05/2007 15:29

I'm hoping to have a trade stall at our local country fair at the weekend. The application form asks if a Risk Assessment has been carried out.

What would that involve? I am covered by the company's insurance - have public liability - is that what it means?

Also does anyone have a gazebo I can borrw?

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bobsmum · 21/05/2007 15:39

It's such a yawny title I know.

It's my first time and I know nothing.

Please help

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Katymac · 21/05/2007 15:42

You need to list all the protetial risks then say how you will prevent them happening

eg table falling over - make sure legs are on firm ground

Tent/gazebo blowing away - make sure the tent/gazebo is fastened down firmly

& so on?

bobsmum · 21/05/2007 15:43

So I don't need to know any proper health and safety terminology - just common sense stuff?

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haggisaggis · 21/05/2007 15:43

A risk assessment is a check to ensure taht there is nothing on or around your stall likely to casue harm to yourself or oythers.
ie. if you ar serving hot stuff or heavy things that could drop on people etc.

I work in an office - we have to do risk assessments on things like - handling boxes of photo copying paper (it's heavy!) Putting file boxes on top of cabinets, use of cleaning substances

bobsmum · 21/05/2007 15:44

Embroidered fleeces and trousers can be a bit risky I suppose

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Katymac · 21/05/2007 15:46

Well they could be if you left a pin in

bobsmum · 21/05/2007 15:47

So I have to list stuff like - table, rack of clothes and the actual tent thing (which I haven't got yet).

But I'm only responsible for my immediate surroundings - actually in the tent - yes?

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smallwhitecat · 21/05/2007 15:47

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

bobsmum · 21/05/2007 15:48

I had thought about a bowl of sweets/jelly beans to encourage a bit of pester power from the children, but maybe that's a choking hazard? Argh.

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bobsmum · 21/05/2007 15:49

smallwhitecat - I'll have a look

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Whizzz · 21/05/2007 15:52

Yes ditto what others have said - think of what might happen in terms of causing injury & then detail how you can prevent it happening. You can also put things like - the likelhood of table falling over - medium risk but with the legs secured & on level ground, the risk drops to low

Remember a hazard is something with the potential to cause harm & the risk is how likely that hazard will cause an injury/problem

Link{\HSE Info}
Give me a shout if you get stuck - its what I used to do

Whizzz · 21/05/2007 15:52


bobsmum · 21/05/2007 16:28

Thanks Whizz

I'll speak to my company tomorrow and find out whether they've got something preprepared for this.

Just have to track down a tent now!!

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