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Terminating a car finance agreement early - please help!

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TequilaMockinBird · 18/05/2007 10:48

I bought my car 2 years ago on hp but now no longer need it as i have a company car. There is a clause in the contract which states that i can terminate the contract at any time providing i have paid half of the total amount of the finance. I have now paid just over half of the amount and so would like to send the car back and terminate the agreement. However, the car is SORN'd off road and has been since January as i didnt need it with having the company car. My question is, will the finance company pick the car up without it being taxed (and take away on a low-loader or arrange their own tax for it) or do i need to go and pay for 6 months tax for a car i wont be using? If i ring them up to ask them, they will probably just say i have to tax it! does anybody have any prior experience of this or legal knowhow?

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luciemule · 18/05/2007 13:00

I've got a feeling that if you DO have to do it, you can claim back the unused months (full months not extra days as well). I know you can do this for insurance but I'm sure it's possible for tax too.......I think. You could ring the DVLA and ask about claiming the tax back, rather than the car finance company if you don't want them tell you to definitely tax it, until you're sure.

TequilaMockinBird · 18/05/2007 14:06

Thanks Lucie, i hadnt even thought of ringing the DVLA! Will come back and update!

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Ineedaholiday · 21/05/2007 22:41

Dont know the legal position but have handed back 2 of my cars this way. I took the tax disc off both of them cos I paid for the tax, it wasnt part of the finance. One car went away on a transporter the other went with some poor guy having to drive it about 30 miles to the auctions.
I was told I had to leave some petrol in it but I just left it way down n the red with enought to drive a couple of miles. The worst thing was the last time I had used the car was about 3 weeks previously and my daughter had puked a tuna roll over it, it was the middle of summer, roasting hot and theb car was stinking, I cleaned it but never realised that the car would be driven for any length of time so the poor guy had to drive across scotland with no petrol and fermented tuna for an airfreshener.
I dont know if its true but the finance company told me that it didnt matter about the tax cos they just stuck trade plates on the car just like they do if your test driving a car at agarage.

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