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child tax credit

12 replies

nappyaddict · 04/05/2007 22:23

what is the weekly amount for one child? does it go down after 12 months?

OP posts:
Muminfife · 04/05/2007 23:13

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

nappyaddict · 04/05/2007 23:19

right so when the child hits 12 months you don't get the family element of £545?

and you know the child element is that per child or one amount whether you have one child or eight?

OP posts:
Muminfife · 05/05/2007 08:39

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

nappyaddict · 05/05/2007 13:17

lol don't worry not planning on any more just yet!

OP posts:
nappyaddict · 05/05/2007 13:18

oh and what about child benefit how much is that?

OP posts:
allieBongo · 05/05/2007 13:18

mine went down from 111 pm to 35pm

nappyaddict · 05/05/2007 13:50

which one do you mean alliebongo?

OP posts:
allieBongo · 05/05/2007 13:52

i only get one.....

nappyaddict · 05/05/2007 13:55

dont u get tax credit? i thought everyone did?

OP posts:
allieBongo · 05/05/2007 13:59

i have 2 kids. I get the minimum, which is quite annoying as my sister and her dh, who earn £40k per year than we do get the same as us. we are just on the edge of being given more. they also messed up slightly so am paying money back to them

nappyaddict · 05/05/2007 14:11

you should both child tax credit and child benefit though shouldn't you?

OP posts:
Muminfife · 05/05/2007 20:14

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

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