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Does getting married affect your wills?

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chocolateshoes · 04/05/2007 19:50

DP and I have been together a v long time & are finally getting married in a couple of weeks. We already ahve wills that have been amended since having DS. Will they need changing once we get married?

OP posts:
RubyRioja · 04/05/2007 19:51

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

CorrieDale · 04/05/2007 19:52

Yes it will. Unless you have made the will in expectation of marriage, and the will states that.

Hulababy · 04/05/2007 19:53

Unless you made your wills in contemplation of your marriage, then the wills will be invalid.

chocolateshoes · 04/05/2007 20:07

Thanks...we have the wills on our PC so do you think we can just adapt them ourselves or is it a big job that needs someone who knows what they're doing?

OP posts:
Ladymuck · 04/05/2007 20:33

Do you have assets that would take you into IHT paying position? If so then I would definitely get a solicitor involved. Personally I would always get them drawn up professionally but if you have very little in terms of assets and they're only a mechanism for determining guardian for ds the you might get away without. But being married totally changes the IHT consequences on death.

Hulababy · 06/05/2007 11:05

I personally would always recommend getting a solicitor specialising in this field to do your wills.

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