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Barclays haven't sent me my statements, what is the next step?

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jofeb04 · 26/04/2007 20:19

That's it really! It's well over 40days, an still waiting!


OP posts:
WideWebWitch · 26/04/2007 20:24

Me too, I think we need to report them to the information commissioner or something, will look it up and post tomorrow if I can.

jofeb04 · 26/04/2007 20:25

Thanks WWW

OP posts:
PhoenixGirl · 26/04/2007 20:27

Oh i've started a thread about the halifax. They've not replied either. Did you send them £10 cheque? It said on the which site that u're meant to to get the info but i didn't

PhoenixGirl · 26/04/2007 20:28

I think the next step is to threaten small claims court.

foxybrown · 26/04/2007 20:29

Barclays returned my £10 cheque, and were quite forthcoming with my statements. Give them a call to make sure they got it, then send them a sterner letter, mentioning Small Claims Court

jofeb04 · 26/04/2007 20:38

I'm on the phone now to barclays, on hold

OP posts:
jofeb04 · 26/04/2007 20:52

Just to let you know that an official complaint has come off from my phone call, so hoping things will move much quicker now lol

OP posts:
foxybrown · 26/04/2007 21:08

That's good. They're probably being inundated with requests at the moment!

They did come good for me - I didn't get the interest I requested, but they did refund all charges they took for last 6 years with no hassle at all. Good luck with it

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