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Am I entitled to maternity pay with redundancy?

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rubles · 26/04/2007 12:41

I am nearly 18 weeks pregnant and there is a very strong possibility of me being made redundant in the next month or so.
Having just looked at my contract, my notice period will be 11 weeks, which means that if they start making the moves to 'Exit' me in 3/4 weeks time then I will be 21/22 weeks pregnant.

I know that if you are still working for a company 15 weeks before the due date (i.e. at 25 weeks pregnant) you are entitled to maternity pay - but what if:
a. you are working out your notice after redundancy
or, (more likely in my case)
b. you are paid in lieu of the notice period so therefore not physically working at the cut off point of 25 weeks?

Anyone know? Any advice?
I may put this on the pregnancy board too.

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