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pucca · 25/04/2007 11:13

Sorry to be a major PITA

Wanted to ask you about claiming charges from Natwest again (sorry,sorry,sorry)

What happened? did they fob you off to begin with? how long to hear back from them? also i have sent my letter etc to customer relations is this ok you think? (sent it there as that is where to complain to)

I have heard nothing for 3 weeks

Thanks very much

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pucca · 25/04/2007 11:18


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pucca · 25/04/2007 11:30


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Lolly68 · 25/04/2007 13:57

Pucca - Foghornleghorn posted on the thread entitled "how is everyone getting on with claiming their bank charges.." - you will see reply there!

pucca · 25/04/2007 18:31

Lolly, yes i know, that is why i wanted to ask her.

Thankyou though

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pucca · 26/04/2007 16:06

bump again

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pucca · 27/04/2007 08:29

bumpity bump again

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