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My rights as unmarried mother...

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thingsnevergoright · 25/04/2007 10:51

Can anyone help me please... I live with my partner and we have a 15month old baby. We have lived together for 2.5 years. I live in his house - he pays all the mortgage and bills (his choice). I work full-time and I pay for incidentals like food, things for the baby, childcare. Without going into details it looks like we are coming to the end of the road... where do I stand with regard to the fact that we live in his house at the moment - I know that me and baby will have to leave and I'm not saying that I want anything other than for him to provide for his daughter. Can he refuse to provide for her?

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thingsnevergoright · 25/04/2007 12:27


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foxybrown · 25/04/2007 12:31

Hi there, sorry I won't be much help other than to bump this for you and to say the CSA, in theory, should be the one's who enforce any maintenance.

Have you tried the citizens advice bureau?

Sorry, not much help. I started out as a single mum and I did get housing benefit so your council might be able to help you out too.

fennel · 25/04/2007 12:39

A good website about your rights is

living together website

is his name on the birth certificate as your baby's father? If so then he has the same responsibilities towards maintenance for his child as a married father would.

thingsnevergoright · 25/04/2007 13:02

Thank you for your replies. I'm just worried that's all and just want to work things out with him but if we can't wanted to know where I stand. He is named on the birth certificate.

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