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Looking for website that advises how much the average pay for my job is...

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Lmccrean · 20/04/2007 22:23

I know I was on one years ago, but cant find it now.

With the prospect of no pay rise this year (not even with inflation) I want to know what the average is, and if its worth moving somwhere else

OP posts:
MascaraOHara · 20/04/2007 22:24

I used to use one but I can't for the life of me remember it's name. Do they have a link on moneysavingexpet?

Lmccrean · 20/04/2007 22:34

tried doing a search on there and on google and got hundreds of results that didnt help! I looked at and fish4jobs etc and what Im getting paid appears to be average starting wage...but ive been there 5 1/2 years. they wont increase my wages because I get paid more than others in the team by between 50p and £1 but none of them have worked there longer than 2 years, so I kinda think i deserve the extra money (and I also have a few extra responsibilities than them)

OP posts:
Lmccrean · 20/04/2007 22:34

im a cs rep, btw

OP posts:
MascaraOHara · 20/04/2007 22:37

outline all of your contributions for the year and approach your manager...

Lmccrean · 20/04/2007 22:50

unfortuantley, its not looking good for her either - lots of the top managers are leaving and the company is letting them and bringing in new people at a lower wage to do the same job as the experienced ones!

i was planning to get a new job in oct anyway, once dd settled in school, but just want to have an educated response when im officially told im getting nothing extra

OP posts:
MascaraOHara · 20/04/2007 22:51

I will try and find the one I used to use

MascaraOHara · 20/04/2007 22:53

can you try this?


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