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What to do when you've been the victim of identity fraud??

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littlemissbossy · 17/04/2007 14:40

Robbing b*t*ds!!! and now another bloody problem to deal with!!
Someone is trying to apply for finance using my details - I've just had a call from a bank I don't bank with. They'll hopefully be arrested and the bank are going to write to me... but do I need to do anything in the meantime?

OP posts:
Bink · 17/04/2007 14:49

Ask your bank - they will have come across this before. Also worth having a word with one of the credit reference agencies: see below.

It's a very topical issue: the big credit ref. agencies have just this month launched a proposal for a "one-stop shop" for reporting/logging identity fraud, which is supposed to be up and running by next year. Hence my suggestion of speaking to one of them, as they'll have staff with the expertise you need.

Horrid experience, poor you.

MrsWobble · 17/04/2007 14:51

this happened to me. It's probably worth getting an Experian check so you know what other applications have been made in your name and registering with CIFAS (the bank should provide you with details when they write to you) to protect your future credit worthiness.

Whatever happens, you are not liable for any money any bank pays out to anyone else in your name. Chances are the fraudster will succeed somewhere, probably with a current account rather than a loan. They will then bounce cheques at a cheque cashing place. The debt will eventually be passed to debt collectors who will send you increasingly threatening letters. Remember that you are not responsible - you did not borrow the money, you did not cash the cheque. Don't ignore the letters but reply pointing out that you have no liability. It's horrible but goes away eventually.

Hopefully this won't happen to you.

littlemissbossy · 17/04/2007 14:53

Thanks for that Bink
Have now found various sites via google - need to get a copy of my credit report, report it to any banks I use and report it to the police apparently.
Am I likely to get blacklisted for something like this??

OP posts:
littlemissbossy · 17/04/2007 14:56

Thanks Mrs W, although I can say is bloody hell TBH!!! will I be blacklisted?

OP posts:
MrsWobble · 17/04/2007 15:02

I don't think so - I think that's the point of the CIFAS registration. I haven't needed to apply for credit since it happened to me so haven't tested it though.

BigGitDad · 18/04/2007 22:23

You will not be blacklisted but you will need to keep all correspondance with police and the credit companies etc. If you do apply for credit it may flag up the fraud and the companies concerned may want to know more.
Your credit file should also show that in the case of the fraudulant application that is what it is so the companies concerned should see this. So when this is all done go back to Experian or whoever and double check, the check the file very six months or so.

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