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what happens when someone dies without a will

4 replies

knakered · 15/04/2007 11:52

my husbands father died last year - with no will in place. what happens to his estate (life insurance, house, business?) - he leaves a wife and 3 adult children.

The business is family business the mother late father and brother are directors - does my husband and his sister have any right to claim aginst the business or the estate?

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LIZS · 15/04/2007 11:57

Think it all goes to his wife . Presumably someone must already have got probate or the assets could have been frozen and business affected.

LIZS · 15/04/2007 12:01

ah sorry, it may be limited in the amount which can automatically go to his wife, then children can get a share, see here . Think you really need to consult a solictor to clarify the position.

knakered · 15/04/2007 12:19

Thanks LIZs this is interesting -- the assets were frozen for many months but have now been unfrozen by MILs solicitor looks like my husband should have some claim ?? - anyone any idea what happens in a family business situation is is treated as an asset also?

OP posts:
knakered · 20/04/2007 20:51

Also wondered if anyone has claimed an interest in a parents estate from the surviving parent...seems a bit mercenary...

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