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hannah12 · 13/04/2007 19:14

Hi, sorry if this is long. My ex and I have been appart for over three years and have a 6 year old son who lives with me, my fiancee and our new baby with visits to his father and his fiancee every other weekend.
My fiancee and I are both successful and have well paid jobs and therefor my ex believes that he has no obligation to provide any money for the care of his son. My ex is also very successful with his own business and money is not an issue for him. I am growing increasingly resentful of the fact that my ex does not see that he has a duty to pay me maintenance as our sons main carer..... but is that the case? Does my ex have a legal responsibility to pay maintenance to me and if so how do I go about getting that without a long and drawn out leagal battle - or is that the only way to get this issue resolved? I am not being greedy and do not want to rpi my ex off in any way I am just fed up that I have to pay for everything for our son whilst he pays for nothing. Thank you for your help..

OP posts:
WideWebWitch · 13/04/2007 19:15

Yes your ex has a moral obligation. Whether he has a legal one depends on all sorts, whether you were married, whether he had/has PR etc.

Go straight to court, I would. You can afford to, who the hell does he think is paying for his son's upbringing? Pixies?

WideWebWitch · 13/04/2007 19:17

Btw, I am divorced. I have one child from my first marriage and one from this marriage. My ex husband voluntarily pays £600 a month maintenance for his son. When we met and married I earned more than him. We're both earning ok now and both see it as our obligation to provide. (Amicable divorce though, we're v good friends!)

Harra · 13/04/2007 22:43

Yes he does have a legal obligation to pay for his ds. 15% of net earnings - possibly reduced by the number of nights your ds spends with xp which would be minimual if I understand your op correctly, is 1 in 14. He needs to be financially responsible for his ds whom you take care of - regardless of your financial situation. If roles were reversed - you would have to pay!!! You can try the CSA which would be free - not working well in my case and I haven't heard many good things about them. Everyone one else seem to sugest using them as a last resort. Good luck.

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