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'For Sale ' signs Yes or No? Do they make a difference?

16 replies

Jzee · 18/03/2007 15:47

We don't have one up, but the agent is advising we should. Do they make a difference?

OP posts:
taylormama · 18/03/2007 15:50

yep - people driving round the area may spot it ...

whoopsfallenoveragain · 18/03/2007 15:50

I think it depends where you are - if you are on a main road then yes possibly as you would get a lot of people passing.
When we were selling our house one agent (we were in the process of changing agents!)advised us not to have a board up until the house had sold to give the agents incentive to sell to be able to get their advertising!

nearlythree · 18/03/2007 15:51

When I was house hunting I would often go out for an hour or so, driving around with dh or my dad looking for For Sale signs, in case a house was on with an agent we hadn't registered with, or they had missed sending us something. And although people looking generally will register with local agents, there may also be the 'impulse' buyer who thinks of moving only b/c they see a For Sale board in a particular road, or outside a house they have always liked the look of.

StripeyKnickersSpottySocks · 18/03/2007 18:53

The first time I was house hunting I used to drive up and down streets looking for houses the estate agents might have forgotten to tell me about.

The next time I moved it was 100% impulse after seeing a for sale board outside my now home.

So yes, I think it makes a big difference.

portonovo · 18/03/2007 21:04

No, hardly anyone I know uses them and most people sell fairly quickly. I have never used one myself.

I find these days everyone wanting to buy looks on rightmove and/or registers their interest with every estate agent in town.

I don't know anyone who has bought on impulse.

MadameWeb · 18/03/2007 21:06

yes, my mum is looking for a house and she drives round looking for forsale signs - as they usually go up before the house goes in the paper/online - so she gets to them quicker! lol

carolcoles · 18/03/2007 21:08

Yes, I used to work at an estate agents and would get quite a few calls based on people wanting details of a property they had passed and liked the look of. It's all about how many people want to see your property and with no board you may be missing potential buyers. Not alot admittedly but they all count.

MerlinsBeard · 18/03/2007 21:08

yes. people drive round here looking for the boards rather than searching the internet or estate agents.

Friends of ours found their current house by looking for boards, they then got a general feel for the area coming back at different times of day etc BEFORE they had a formal viewing

princesscc · 18/03/2007 21:20

Only draw back is, if the people in your street are anything like me they will of course phone your agent and find out how much you are selling for! We did find our house by driving round and looking for a board though.

MerlinsBeard · 20/03/2007 20:55

why is that a drawback princess cc? surely the whole point of having a house for sale is that it has a price?

janeite · 20/03/2007 21:01

We sold our house even before the info had gone online or in the paper. The buyer was driving around looking, called the estate agent, came to view, offered, accepted, within 3 days of the board going up!

Jbck · 20/03/2007 21:17

People across the street had their house up for sale for a couple of weeks, board went up Saturday afternoon & it's under offer today. Coincidence - maybe, but there are 2 other houses without boards very similar (size/price) & been on the market for ages.

specialmagiclady · 21/03/2007 14:35

I definitely used them when i was recently househunting. If I was driving around the area and saw a sign up, I'd call the agent straightaway to find out why I hadn't been called about it.

So your neighbours know what your house is on the market for, big deal! They're not going to be your neighbours for long and they can always find out by looking online or in the estate agent's window.

LIZS · 21/03/2007 17:33

I would say yes especially if your house were not very obviously distinguishable from your neighbours. Many potential viewers would drive around on the basis of details from Right Move or the paper without having a precise address so it would be more identifiable with a board.

Ladymuck · 21/03/2007 17:36

When we sold a terrace house, we foudn that 3 people living on the road immeidately put their houses up for sale (and didn't have boards). It could have been coincidence, but it did make me wonder...

flossie64 · 21/03/2007 17:38

I would say yes , but they are not allowed in our street !! Its in the house deeds no boards for 5 yrs

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