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are company secretarys liable to any debt

3 replies

AntEater · 18/03/2007 11:13

need a quick answer for pal, she is a Co sec of a firm thats gone belly up..

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VioletBaudelaire · 18/03/2007 11:18

i thought directors of limited companies had liability of only a few pounds, but DH not here so I can't check yet.

Judy1234 · 18/03/2007 11:19

Very unlikely indeed. Is she a director? Sometimes people are both but I bet she isn't. There may be some circumstances in which the company secretary has done something wrong of course when they might be liable but it's very unlikely. Did she give personal guarantees for their debts?

Sometimes if the directors have acted wrongly they are pursued but I don't think it's at all likely and may be not possible against a company secretary.

AntEater · 18/03/2007 11:25

Thank you!

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