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So, I've sent the letter to Barclays for my statements for bank charges

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jofeb04 · 16/03/2007 21:51

Do they send them pritty quickly, or do they take the full 40days?

Have any of you recieved amounts back?


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foxybrown · 16/03/2007 21:55

Took them about 2/3 weeks to send the print out of transactions (all of them for last 6 years). Sent letter requesting refund of charges a week and a half ago - still waiting for a reply.

WideWebWitch · 17/03/2007 18:37

I did this today too, so I'll be interested to hear from anyone who's had a response from them too.

jofeb04 · 17/03/2007 20:39

I'll keep you updated www on when I recieve the figures etc!

OP posts:
MusicLover · 19/03/2007 14:11

Sent my letters at the end of Jan, received letter back 1-2 wks later. Within another few weeks the money was in my account!
Easy as that. But that was the Co-op.
Nat West were a tad longer than that, but stil got money within a month or so!

Good Luck

MellowMa · 19/03/2007 14:13

Message withdrawn

MellowMa · 19/03/2007 14:14

Message withdrawn

zephyrcat · 19/03/2007 14:16

DP settled out of court with Barclays for their offer of (I think) half the amount he wanted. It didn't take too long at all really.

nikkie · 19/03/2007 20:58

Do you have to work out how much they owe you?

MellowMa · 20/03/2007 13:22

Message withdrawn

nikkie · 20/03/2007 19:46

This reply has been deleted

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StrawberrySnowflakes · 20/03/2007 19:50 here and they have templates instead of writing a letter

StrawberrySnowflakes · 20/03/2007 19:51

you need to send a £10 chq P/O to cover their admin cost

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