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another DFS complaint......

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mum2sam · 16/03/2007 15:36

please need some help. We brought a settee from DFS 3years ago. It was sold to us with an insurance policy for any stains or rips. We were told that the settee would be sprayed with stain protection and that we would just need to wipe the area with a damp cloth to remove the spillage (yeah right).If the stain could not be removed we then had our insurance policy to fall back on and someone would then come out to remove the stain professionally-if this could not be done then they would replace the material (haha).We were under the impression we couldnt go wrong-we could have a family frinedly settee well worth £1600. Well it wasnt till post baby a year later that we made our first claim.Ds puked over the sette couldnt wip away the stain called someone out couldnt remove it-ordered for the material to be replace-ha they dont have it in stock any more a year after we fecking brought it! Since then any spillage results in a stain, some one comes out and it cant be removed and the the material cant be prelaced. So they evither other me £70 for the cushion cover or a refund on a fecking useless insurance. Either way we are still living with a stinky dirty settee. And im starting to wonder wether anything was actually spryed on there in the first place to protect it!

OP posts:
mum2sam · 16/03/2007 15:38

Ive have made complaints and DFS even took it in fro them to clean it. Useless dp picked the covers up with out checking they had done a satisfactory job as soon has he brought them in i could still see the stain.

OP posts:
zookeeper · 17/03/2007 15:16

ime nothing can protect a sofa from kids and their dirt. My sofa looked horrendous and it suppposedly was stain proof.

No advice I'm afraid but next time get a leather one - they're fab - can't believe I lived for so long without one - they really do wipe clean!

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