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what are my consumer rights

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Flocci · 16/03/2007 14:02

I ordered some glasses yesterday from BOOTS optician and paid up front. Within about half an hour I had changed my mind as they were freaking expensive but when i tried to cancel the order i was told that I could change to cheaper lenses if I wanted to save a bit of money but I couldn't actually cancel the order.

That doesn't sound right to me - any thoughts?

For a start they don't have any signs up saying that once ordered there is no going back, and I also wasn't told that by the person who sold them to me. Any other service usually has a cooling off period, and other shops let you return things so I don't see why this is different. I understand that glasses are kind of made to measure but it's not like i waited until they arrived in the shop and then I changed my mind so they could hardly have started work on them already.

Does anyone know if I have any rights over this?

OP posts:
Freckle · 16/03/2007 14:18

You entered into a binding contract. You do not have the right to just change your mind because you've had second thoughts.

If other stores allow you to return things or cancel an order, that is because it's their policy, but they are under no legal obligation to do so.

Flocci · 16/03/2007 14:23

Fair enough.

I am just really narked because I didn't HAVE to pay up front but I was distracted and thought what the hell - had I not paid then I imagine I could have changed my mind without them suing me, so I have been dumb twice over.

OP posts:
roneypony · 16/03/2007 14:39

If you hadnt paid in full they would probably still chase you for the money once their side of the contract had been fulfilled

Flocci · 16/03/2007 14:43

I am so bloody angry with myself. I have just paid a fortune for something that i don't even want that much which I could have got far cheaper elsewhere anyway.

I rushed into it because the twins were distracting me and I know i should have gone away and thought it over more carefully. I'm an eeeeedjit.

OP posts:
J20BABY · 16/03/2007 14:59

can you return it flocci?

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