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does this sound suspect

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Babyramone · 14/03/2007 14:46

I have just got a new mobile phone and contract. Yesterday someone phoned up asking if happy with handset and would I like insurance (I'd turned it down in shop as wanted to see what we have at home) I was feeding DD so asked if he could call back in half an hour. He quoted me £68 for the 18 month with no £30 payment for new one. All sounds great but cause feeding never quite heard what company it was. May of been where I got phone but unsure. The one thing bothering me it was a mobile (same network I'm on) number and not a landline, which I would of expected an office to use.
What does anyone think. Also he phoned me back 2x withen the half hour I'd asked hil to give me so I never answered.
Is it common practice for a company to cold call with mobile numbers?
All calls made to my new phone.

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bigcar · 14/03/2007 15:04

It could be genuine, but there do seem to be a number of dodgy mobile calls at the moment. Before you give them any of your details, make sure you know exactly who youre talking to and from what company, and ask for a contact number and address, especially if youre giving creditcard details. If youre really not sure just say no thank you and go back to the shop you bought the phone from.

FCH · 14/03/2007 15:10

My husband took one of these offers a year or so ago as the caller said they were calling on behalf of Orange. When he subsequently tried to cancel his phone contract he discovered that the company calling him was not orange, and he had effectively entered into a second contract, which kept running even when his phone contract had expired. The company who had phoned him proved very difficult to get back to and he ended up with a choice of paying about £150 to cancel his contract or stick with a phone that basically has no coverage in the village we just moved to. On this basis I personally would recommend not getting involved with this sort of offer unless the person calling is actually from your own phone company.

Not sure if this helps...

Babyramone · 14/03/2007 15:35

FCH that's my worry that it's something like that. He didn't know what model my phone was either which U'd think if from shop woild have record of. Haven't passed any details on.
Will go back to shop

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