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Want best savings rate/policy for some cash...hints/advice please.

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grouchyoscar · 10/03/2007 10:23

I have a modest lump sum for DS. It is for him but he is too young to use it and wants for nothing. I want the money to work as hard as possible but I also want the inital sum to be safe. It can be tied up long term as it is for his future.
So can any of you good good people recommend an accout or policy or advice site that could give me some ideas please

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charliecat · 10/03/2007 10:26

money saving expert Have a read there see what you can find while your waiting
Theres an 8% ISA at the moment with Abbey...saw that driving past yesterday, havent looked into it yet myself.

grouchyoscar · 10/03/2007 13:44

Thanks Charlie...given me some ideas already

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