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Bank charges success from Halifax!

14 replies

giraffeski · 03/03/2007 16:51

Message withdrawn

OP posts:
Bubbaloo · 03/03/2007 17:16

That's excellent news-good for you.

giraffeski · 03/03/2007 17:25

Message withdrawn

OP posts:
AuntyQuated · 03/03/2007 17:29

great news!!!!

i sent my letters saying if no response in 7 days I would take court action last saturday -they have sent me a letter saying it has been forwarded to their customer service dept.

giraffeski · 03/03/2007 17:52

Message withdrawn

OP posts:
AuntyQuated · 10/03/2007 08:49


got offered the full ammount from the Halifax on one account!!!

charliecat · 11/03/2007 14:29

Well done you lot!! I take it you are now keeping your banks in the black to stop the charges occuring??!!!

princessmel · 11/03/2007 14:34

well done!!

We've sent our letters off to halifax and have had a reply saying something like 'we have x amount of time to deal with this...' so we are waiting.

fingers crossed.

princesscc · 11/03/2007 14:35

In the immortal words of The A Team 'I love it when a plan comes together! Well done you!

misdee · 11/03/2007 14:36

well done! i sent my girst letters off last week, i am so slow at htis tuff. not with halifax though, am with abbey and lloyds. going to open a new account this week in case they try and close those accounts.

MellowMa · 11/03/2007 14:58

Message withdrawn

ThisTime · 11/03/2007 15:02

Well done! So pleased for you

I am about to put my letters in to the Halifax but I work for them!

I'm scared!!!

LilyLoo · 11/03/2007 15:05

I going to do this did they close your account?

AuntyQuated · 11/03/2007 22:29

no, they didn't mention closing the account.

MellowMa · 13/03/2007 15:30

Message withdrawn

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