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Claiming back BANK CHARGES.......there is a company who can do it for you...

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pucca · 28/02/2007 21:21

I have just had a email about a company who can claim your bank charges back for you, yes they charge a fee, but take care of all the hassle (even pay the fee for statements)

See this

Personally the bank have made loads out of me over the years, but i just cannot be bothered with all the hassle.

OP posts:
Moomin · 28/02/2007 21:29

IT's really not that much hassle - honestly. I'm very lazy when it comes to paperwork but I'm in the middle of this at the moment and I would hate to see some opportunistic company take a slice of what is rightfully mine. All the letter templates are on and there's even an interest calculator there as well (mine came to £90 extra!) The biggest 'hassle' is going through your statements with a highlighter pen but even that was OK.

Moomin · 28/02/2007 21:30

and btw not all banks charge for the statements - I'd check this out first. How much do you think you're owed?

pucca · 28/02/2007 21:32

Moomin, god knows how much, 3 different accounts which is why i really can't be bothered lol, i am with natwest and i think they charge £5 for each account, had my accounts since 2002.

OP posts:
twinsetandpearls · 28/02/2007 21:33

pucca they are going to take 25%

twinsetandpearls · 28/02/2007 21:33

is that £5 per statemento or £5 per account, I am about to do it with natwest.

Moomin · 28/02/2007 21:34

I've got 2 accounts with Barclays. One set of statements took two HUGE envelopes, thick as phone directories! Even if they did charge you £15 for these, it'll be worth it in the end. Have you looked on the moneysavingexpert site?

pucca · 28/02/2007 21:34

Twinset...I know, but i have been meaning to do this since it all came about and still haven't got around to it, well actually that is a lie as i sent the first letter and basically got told to f**k off.

OP posts:
pucca · 28/02/2007 21:35

Think it is £5 per account.

OP posts:
Biglips · 28/02/2007 21:36

twins - by law under the data protection act 1988 - the bank can only charge you maximum £10 for the bank statements - regardless of how many u are after

Moomin · 28/02/2007 21:36

They nearly always say F off the first time. I used to be scared by this kind of thing but the Martin Lewis publicity has spurred me on and encouraged me not to feel intimidated by the banks; just to carry on the claim regardless.

Biglips · 28/02/2007 21:38

write back and say "ok see u in court" and get it sorted

Moomin · 28/02/2007 21:40

25% is a shedload of money to be giving to a company just to receive some snotty letters for you and post a few back! I reckon I'm due about £1300 and I'm buggered if anyone other than me is going to benefit from it!

pucca · 28/02/2007 21:40

Biglips...Have you done it yourself? i just don't understand it all if you have to set up a small claim court.

OP posts:
Biglips · 28/02/2007 21:43

no i havent but ive read up on it in a paper which ive kept as one woman claimed back £18,000

whatever you count up the bank charges - you add an 8% on top of it and thats your total fee that youre after. ill get teh paper tmrw as got a few websites that you can have a look too

Moomin · 28/02/2007 21:43

Nearly every time the banks pay up before it goes to court. You just threaten them with it. Did you see the programme on it last week? Have a butch on his website

pucca · 28/02/2007 21:44

18k wow! From what i have read on here the natwest are one of the worst to claim back from, trust me to be with them, should do it though as they have had loads off me!

OP posts:
Biglips · 28/02/2007 21:45

you have to stand FIRMLY on your feet and most of the banks pay out before it reached to the courts

Jelley · 28/02/2007 21:47

I did itmyself after not bothering for ages because I thought it would be too stressful.
I just followed the step by step process and got all the charges back (but no interest).

No way is it worth paying a company to do for you.

Jelley · 28/02/2007 21:47

I did itmyself after not bothering for ages because I thought it would be too stressful.
I just followed the step by step process and got all the charges back (but no interest).

No way is it worth paying a company to do for you.

Biglips · 28/02/2007 21:51

jelley - did u ask for the interest?

Jelley · 01/03/2007 07:02

Yes I did.

drosophila · 01/03/2007 07:45

I have a friend who could claim but she is worried as she is currently overdrawn with the bank. Any advice for her????

Mossie · 01/03/2007 07:57

I recently received six years' worth of bank charges back from NatWest, and I had an overdraft of £1k with them (which my returned bank charges have now paid off, and left me with money over).

They settled out of court, so I didn't get my court charges / interest back, just the bank charges themselves. I could have pushed for the whole amount but I am pg and didn't want the stress.

There is a great web site that helps you with template letters and advice. Consumer Action Group .

It is actually not that much hassle, it's quite straightforward, you just have to be firm and stick to your guns.

Mossie · 01/03/2007 08:01

Depending on which bank your friend is with, it may be worth her opening another account temporarily, as some banks I have heard are starting to close down people's accounts when they start the process.

The banks will normally come back with several offers before paying up. It takes a lot of willpower to turn them down so, my advice is, to have a figure in your head of exactly what the lowest is that you would take, and not to accept any less than that. For me the lowest was £1k (to pay off my overdraft) but that changed when they hit me with yet another £28 charge for going over my limit. A day before payday. By a couple of quid.

I then decided to go for the whole amount and nothing less!

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