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For those who have a paypal acc and shop online, a site you might be interested in

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SillyBillyBee · 10/02/2007 22:00

I found this site which gives you cashback into your Paypal account when you shop online at loads of retailers incl Next, Woolworths, Toysrus, Tesco. Thought it might help save those extra pennies!!!

OP posts:
cece · 10/02/2007 22:01

I use Rpoints - they pay money into your bank account.

melpomene · 12/02/2007 11:09

They say that they give you cashback for Tesco groceries, which none of the other cashback sites do. However, looking at the Tesco grocery site checkout I can't see any option for paying by Paypal, and it isn't mentioned in their Help section.

Have you been able to use it for Tesco groceries, SillyBillyBee?

SillyBillyBee · 12/02/2007 14:56

Hi, you don't actually pay by paypal, once you are registered with rewardsonline as long as you go to the tesco site using the rewardsonline link, it 'tracks' your purchase and then pays the cashback into your paypal account. I haven't used it for tescos yet as I only order rarely for groceries online, but have had money back from another site.

OP posts:
meb2006 · 12/02/2007 20:29

try also - I think you get up to 3% of your online shop back (maximum £5?) - at least it says something like that.

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