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Just got my work contract and it is not what I thought it was

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cece · 01/02/2007 17:59

I have waited 4 months nearly 5 to get my contract having started work last Sept.

It says however that I am on a probabtionbary year and after that will be taken on a permanent contract. Now at the interview this wasn't mentioned. I was told it was a permanent position. What do you think?

I am going to contact my union tomrrow but wondered if anyone had any experience of this?

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radcliffe · 01/02/2007 18:05

Your contract of employment is actually formed when they verbally offer you the job. So I would check if you can the details of advert/job description. If no mention was made then you have a strong position which your union should be able to help with.

Freckle · 01/02/2007 18:20

Well, as your employer has already breached your statutory rights by failing to provide you with a written statement of your terms and conditions within 2 months of your start date, I should think this is something you could easily challenge.

Your contract includes anything which was stated at interview. It sounds like they are trying to move the goalposts. I would write back with a copy of your contract, outlining amendments in red. Then wait and see.

cece · 01/02/2007 20:57

Ummm jus as I thought. Think I will speak to union bod tomorrow before I approach the boss! There is another woman in same position - she started same time as me, se we are having a what shall we do meeting over the weekend!

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VeniVidiVickiQV · 01/02/2007 20:59

Ditto what freckle said.

cece · 01/02/2007 21:41
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Linnet · 02/02/2007 00:07

Are they really supposed to give you a contract within 2 months of you starting work?

I've been in my job 6 years this July and I've never signed a contract or been given a copy of my terms and conditions.

cece · 06/02/2007 14:12

All sorted hopefully, there was a mix up with the contracts. Someone cut and paste from another contract that did have a probabtionary period and no one else has noticed. Aparently all the new people have the same mistake but I ma the only one who spotted it!

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