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Any advice on the appeals procedure of DLA ?

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SpaceCadet · 18/01/2007 12:32

does anyone have an experience of the appeals procedure of DLa, more importantly has any attended a tribunal??, id like to know what to expect.
many thanks

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SpaceCadet · 18/01/2007 12:53


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SpookyMadMummy · 18/01/2007 13:51

No advice, but am posting this in SN as some of the mums there might know...

scoobyww · 18/01/2007 14:34


Yes, I have been in the unfortunate position of having to attend one of these, and I have to say that my experience was not a very pleasant one! I did not know about Welfare Rights or any advocacy services until after - so I went alone. I was trying to get DLA for my DS who has ASD but because I went in a wheelchair as I am also disabled, they assumed I was trying for a sympathy vote and turned me down.
That said, I know of lots of other people who have done it, who have won, and most of them took a professional with them to represent them - so maybe I was just unlucky! My advice is to find someone to go with you from somewhere like Welfare Rights, CAB etc.
Hope that helps and good luck!

SpaceCadet · 18/01/2007 15:40

scooby, thanks, what an awful experience for you, ive been in touch with welfare rights but unfirtunately they dont operate in my area, next step, CAB

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SpookyMadMummy · 18/01/2007 15:48

heres their website

PeachyClair · 18/01/2007 16:12

Hi Spacey

I'd speak to the CAb, they'll be bound to know if there are anya dvocacy services around you (and there will be). Social services will also have details, if you just give them a ring. Do it early so you can build up a rapport with them.

mum24boyz · 18/01/2007 17:47

would any of your ds specialists be prepared to go, my friend went to tribunal, and they had to move the location cos of all the support that was going for her, many of the proffessionals that were involved in her ds case went, might be worth asking, what about a support worker, i know my ds 1-1 told me that if my ds had any appts she would be happy to go with me, might be worth asking hun, wish you the best of luck with it.

SpaceCadet · 18/01/2007 22:13

thanks for your responses, I will contact CAB tomorrow

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