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How Do You Report Someone Not Paying Tax?

4 replies

Quootiepie · 15/01/2007 23:02

I thought I did it right on a website, but over week later they are still working... so I'm not sure I did it right.

Many Thanks xXx

OP posts:
noddyholder · 15/01/2007 23:08

I wouldn't Let karma and self respect deal with them But thats me Sorry

dassie · 16/01/2007 09:31

It will take a while to filter through the system and they will have to investigate etc as they can't just take your word for it.

Try HM Revenue & Customs website for a phone number.

Ladymuck · 16/01/2007 09:47

Good grief - nothing will be done within a week!

I'd allow 1-2 years before seeing a result. Sometimes takes longer, and depends on whether it is part of a bigger operation or not. If you're ringing again then give an esitmate of the tax that might be at stake. If it is significant then they may prioritise.

Jbck · 16/01/2007 19:47

Here's the place to do it, but it will take a lot more than a week for something to happen. If HMRC investigate the person, they may continue to work dependent on what happens with the investigation.

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